Monday, September 12, 2011

Princess BATMAN!

I don't have time to mess around drawing PRINCESS BATMAN for the neighbor kids.

But if I might go like this:

Still figuring out what a PRINCESS BATMAN would look like. I think she should be more PRINCESS, less BATMAN--I don't want to use any of BATMAN's signature gear (don't want to get sued if this idea has legs...) (I mean, I don't want the neighbor kids to get sued...yeah, that's it.)

Here come the BATMAN PRINCESS concept sketches. I'll have to work on that name... PRINCESS MANBAT maybe. PRINCESS BATH-MAT!


Helene said...

This makes you the coolest person on the Internets.

She's not the hero [name of city here] deserves... She's the one it needs.

Chris said...

Bat-Princess is the logical name, though may not be quite as catchy.

Just to mix my visual and linguistic puns, she could have a batmobile over her bed. (i.e. the art kind of mobile)

Anonymous said...

I like the name Princess Batman!

Abigail said...

I love her!!!

Opaleyz said...

Love this! The lettering for the different names, the pic of the super-cool girl herself, everything!