Thursday, September 15, 2011

Princess BATMAN! 3

Okay, round 2 of the Princess:

E. and G. are based on your suggestions and likes from round 1. Puffy sleeves, the strap the B. mask, pigtails etc. F. and H. are wild cards, just to keep things interesting.

F's long sleeves (dagged sleeves? Is that what they call those?) can be found on villains, but never on good guys. Why is that? They look like fun. Think of the stuff you could hide in there.

H. has a ninja mask. There is something fun about not seeing her mouth. I toned the crown down. overall. I like a slimmer, less chunky tiara. I mean, if she's a princess in disguise, wouldn't the tiara be a dead give away? We have to keep the tiara, but it should be subtle. I like the ninja tiara, where you only see part of it through the mask.

I like how all-black E is, so stealthy. (and with new frilled cuffs.)

Have at it, and feel free to say you like aspects from A-D better.

Now back to today's 2.75 pages!


Mary said...

H, with puffed sleeves AND long gloves.

Opaleyz said...

I still like B best. The long sleeves and tall boots keep her pretty well protected, while the shorter skirt allows for much needed movement. Too much extra fabric in a superhero outfit starts making me think of the scene in the Incredibles where the supers with capes kept coming to bad ends. I kinda think of the Bat Princess as a close combat type (like Batman), and think she'd want less in the way (and less for evil villains to grab & take advantage of in some way).

As for the pigtails (hooray for pigtails!), I prefer those in A or G. I'm not fond of the mouth-covering mask in H but I could see why you'd want to hide the crown more (though ( love the crowns--a bright spot of yellow in a mostly black/gray outfit is great). I'm loving the boots: B, D, or F. I kinda miss the bat ears on the newer pics.

This is so much fun! You could always have a storyline where she's trying to determine her outfit, and trial & error help her figure out what works :)

Q said...

H's dress would limit her mobility. And I just noticed that puff sleeves would probably allow mobility in a way normal sleeves wouldn't––unless this dress is stretchy, in which case it wouldn't matter much.

I'm still a fan of the traditional superhero mask––could we incorporate the tiara into that somehow? Have a filigree design along the top of the mask suggesting a tiara?

Debbie Barr said...

I LOVE G! It seems just about perfect! But doesn't she need a utility belt? I miss the belts/divisions from the A-D group. These ones are all solid black through the waist.

Leila said...

I love G, except I'm not sure about the divided skirt. I also love the ninja mask! So sneaky! :)

Anika S. said...

i still think she really needs c's skirt made into a cape.

h's skirt would work for crime fighting. you;d have to take teensy steps

Anika S. said...


Helene said...

I think I like G and H equally best. You can't top a ninja in the awesome department. Especially when the ninja is Princess Batman.

Anonymous said...

F is the best I love the long princess sleeves and the hem line rocks!

shannon hale said...

Maggie likes E best but thinks F is funny "because it's showing her underwear" ??