Friday, September 30, 2011

Graphic Novel Timesheet

Sorry for all the craziness everyone. It's been a very silly week in the studio. Total pandemonium. Moments ago, I turned in the samples for that new job audition (everyone cross your fingers!) The art director and the publishers will have a meeting tomorrow to see if I'm the right artist for the job. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am a man without a sleep country. I don't know when I'm supposed to sleep (or eat.) This week I've been using a horrible, cobbled-together, two-shift sleep schedule. 2am to 6am, then 5pm to 8pm. I think they call it "Polyphasic Sleep," I don't think it works. I feel crazy all day.

This should all be remedied by next week. We'll jump back into Princess Batman like the last two weeks never happened. I've also got a fun spooky Halloween story planned.

We'll have a fresh start Monday. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy these papers. This my graphic novel project bible. The timesheet, (remember, I was into that timer app.) with columns for lettering, inking and coloring. And the ever important page cross-off chart (the last row seems to have been cut off by the scanner.) Anyway, this documents the times for each page (starting at page 40) in graphic novel #2. Kind of interesting, if you are into charts and time trials for graphic novel pages. (super boring if you aren't.)

See you Monday!


shannon hale said...

This is so amazing, because charts and timers for graphic novel pages was my thesis subject! I remember the first time I saw Art Spiegelman's charts. Chills.

Q said...

@Shannon: wait, seriously??

I have a friend who keeps a polyphasic sleep schedule that works for him: sleep from 3-6 AM, then take three 20-minute naps during the day at 11, 4, and 11. I don't know how he's still vertical, but he never looks as tired as I feel.

Nathan said...

You make fun of my chart, but I think it is neat-o. I only wish I had done charts for Rapunzel to compare.

Really, that schedule works? Now I wanna try it!

Sarah C. said...

In San Diego there was a popular DJ host that thought it would be an entertaining gimmick to see how long he could stay awake. He stayed awake for like 6 days. The sleep deprivation totally changed his personality. He lost his family, his job...Sleep is important!

Nathan said...

Yikes! I believe it, missing sleep makes me nuts. But I think I am now through the worst of it.

Helene said...

I'm crossing all my fingers for you!
And that chart looks...scary. But fascinating, too.