Friday, February 4, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day 4

Today's picture book is...

My room is SO dirty...How dirty is it?

KID 1: My room is SO dirty...
KID 2: How dirty is it?
KID 1: My room is so dirty I have to wear a gas mask!
KID 2: My room is so dirty the cockroaches have to wear gas masks!

Two boys take turns one-upping each other on who's got the dirtiest room. One kid is cleaning his room the whole time. At the end of the book, the kid who's been cleaning says:

KID 1: My room is so dirty... actually, it's not any more. It's clean!
KID 2: How clean is it?
KID 1: It's so clean that I can go outside and play now!
KID 2: huh? (waits a beat) Oh all right. (starts cleaning his room)

I'm feeling pretty good about the entries so far. Nothing terrible yet. If you are enjoying these, be sure to check out illustrator Julie Olson's blog, she's playing along too.


Will Strong said...

I love this idea. It's one of those ideas I wish I thought up so I could draw it.

Good times.

Jed Henry said...

My room's so dirty, all you can see is the top bunk.

craveVSworld said...

Nice! I love the use of jokes in this manuscript!

Reminds me of my manuscript "Your Mommy," where two boys use variations of the classic "mamma" jokes to show how great the other's mother is.

Clint C. said...

You know tons of parents would want to buy this. I'm always looking for books that my solve the issues of the day.

jeanreagan said...

It's SO fun for me (a committed NON-illustrator)to pop in to see your daily PBM creations. Thanks! Now I'm headed over to Jed and Julie's sites. Any others sites I should peruse?

Laura said...

Brilliant! I sense a subtle message, but I'm not quite sure what it means... But I'm heading to clean the kitchen.

Nathan said...

Thanks everyone. This one could be fun. Really cartoon-y and over the top.

crave-this was DEFINITELY inspired by the age-old, "Yo Momma's so fat..." routine.

Jean-Jed and Julie are the only other illustrators I know who are doing the marathon so far, but I'll post to any other illustrator/marathoners who want to be linked.

Julie Olson said...

One of my favorite books as a kid was about a girl with a REALLY messy room. I loved it because of what the illustrations could show...a bunch of crap. Comic style, even better. Frames and frames of jokes and CRAP! And right now, that's how my office/studio feels.

Thanks for the link, btw. I tried a new style today. Check it out and let me know what to push and pull with it.