Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day 24

Book 24 is...

Rock and Roll Tractor Troll

The old bridge troll finds something he likes even more than his shiny red tractor--a shiny red electric guitar! Rock and Roll Tractor Troll! The farm will never sound the same again!

This is a shameless cash-in sequel! All popular picture books have them; see Llama Llama, Skippyjon Jones, Olivia, How Do Dinosaurs... and of course, the Pinkalicious books. Silverlicious comes out this year people--Silver-licious. I have nothing against these books. If I ever have a runaway picture book hit, I too will milk it to death.


Chris said...

Awesome! I can see an incredible series in the works. (If we vote Tractor Troll for the space station treatment does that mean you'll do the sequels too?)
Once again, the gnome is great.

Meredith said...

Kids love series! I think this could work.