Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day 7

Picture book #7 is:

Caveman Carpool

It's a slow day on the caveman interstate. Traffic is backed up and nobody's getting to work on time. To make matters worse, there's not enough room for everyone. It's just another day in the Caveman Carpool.


Chris said...

Next we need a story about the caveman barber who does all those awesome cave 'dos.
It's definitely fun, but as far as caveman transport goes, I would probably buy last year's chopper rescue first.

Speaking of which, I just looked back at a bunch of your amazing marathon ideas. Have you drawn up more pages for any of them? There are about 27 I still want to see the rest of. (12 bots got published)

Nathan said...

Lewis and Clark is also under contract now--well, not the L & C story exactly, but a US history comic series that sold on the strength of the L & C comic.

I still have plans to build some of last years' stories. We'll see!

Lynne_Marie said...

Gosh I LOVE this!

It just appeals to my primitive side. Good luck with it!

Lynne Marie