Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day 17

Book 17 is:

Pterosaur Hospital

This is a fairly non-fiction look at how a hospital works. The helicopter, the emergency room, x-rays, will all be shown and explained. But instead of humans, pterosaurs will be the doctors, nurses and patients. The story will follow a pterosaur who breaks his wing. The book will take him through the process of a modern, working hospital (run by flying reptiles.)


Charlie Pulsipher said...

Anything with dinosaurs is worthy of my love.
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Jed Henry said...

I want to meet the pterasaur version of House.

Actually, no, I never want to meet that.

Julie Olson said...

It's a good thing little boys have you. My books would put them to sleep. You are the king of the dinosaurs. Which dinosaur would that make you?

Nathan said...

The KING-osaurus! Ooh! Wait--that could be my next idea...Thanks Julie!

This year has been very boy-themed. I think last year a a few more girl-centric books. But, hey, I have to use the concepts that pop into my head (and I am a boy.)

shannon hale said...

It seems so obvious, I'm shocked now that no one has done this book before.