Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grand Canyon Intermission (Day 4? of 2--last day)

Today is the last day of the Grand Canyon watercolors. Some of these didn't get finished in time (when the raft leaves, the raft LEAVES.) The average time for one of these paintings was about 30 minutes--the detailed ones (Havasu, Deer Creek, etc.) were closer to 45 minutes. Some of them, like Dinosaur Beach (below) were more like 15 minutes. It's fun to paint under the clock, it makes it into a game. And, unless you have a really long trip scheduled, it's the only way to paint on-the-spot in Grand Canyon.


Meredith said...

Wow! It would take me days to paint even the least detailed of these, and it would still look not very good. These are beautiful!

Taffy said...

I still think it's so cool to paint your vacation!

Clint C. said...

You're like Monet painting Notre Dame every 15 minutes. I really like mile 12--so many radically different landforms in one shot. How did you keep your paintings from being ruined in the raft?
Please keep posting any appearances you're doing. My boys are huge fans and now that we live here in Utah they really want to meet you and (they wish) your LEGO collection :).

Nathan said...

Thanks guys!

Taffy--it wasn't quite a vacation, I was an "extra crew" passenger. My sister works as a river guide (actually, two of my sisters and a brother-in-law do.) "Extra crew" get a discount on the trip fee, but they are expected to help with the meals/dishes/loading/unloading etc. River guides do non-stop work to make the trip safe/healthy/fun. Anyway, in my case (this is my second trip) I told the guides they could have the paintings I did, and they said, "Don't help--paint!" So I did. I did do some dishes after sundown.

Sarah-Zip-loc bags. Lots and lots of Zip-loc bags. One for the paper, one for the paints, one for the brushes. Then everything in a little nylon case, then the case goes in a water-proof, metal, ammo-can.

I think there are some Authorpaloozas lined up this fall, I'll be sure to post them.