Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Bonus Post

Name this animal:

I never post about the jobs I'm working on. I've heard too many horror stories about illustrators getting in trouble for posting publicly about projects they are doing for clients.
I'll blog about a big book project (picture book/graphic novel) from time to time, but never my regular, bill-paying, freelance jobs. It's the text books, book covers, and interior spot illustrations that keep me in food and LEGO bricks--not the picture books, believe or not. Anyone who thinks picture books are easy money makers is so-o-o-o-orly mistaken.

Sorry, got off on a little tangent there.

Anyway, this poster is for an upcoming sci-fi and fantasy symposium, "Life, the Universe, and Everything" at a nearby university. I did it for fun (free!) so I feel I can post it here for you to enjoy.

The guy in front is based loosely on my video game character from Demon's Souls, he's got the Halberd, Heater Shield and Gloom Armor (minus the spiky "hand" shoulder pads.) Nerd. I never liked the Halberd, I'm all about the Blueblood Sword now. (I realize this is total nonsense, but I can't seem to stop typing...)


Laura Z M said...

It's the Wymontesaurus, of course.

Unknown said...

A Bounding Yarbler. (this could be a real bird name actually).

Nathan said...

Ooh! These are both awesome. Mine's kinda dumb in comparison, I was calling it the batfrogdog.

Nathan said...

My son Uly says it's a Jumping Hexabullfrog.

Anonymous said...

Man, who do I have to kill to get my name on that poster? At least this year the planning people have sworn that they would finally put my name in the program!

Debbie Barr said...

AWESOME. And I totally love LTUE, it totally makes my February.