Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Interview Question #3

I'm not kidding about the fortune cookie--that's a complex shape. Try drawing one without having one to look at. Also, I've never been able to get licensed characters right, they always look off. I was once up for a job illustrating OLIVIA spin-off books. I tried and tried to match that pig--she always ended up looking like a flip-top garbage can. Needless to say, I didn't get that job.


Greg and Leigh said...

Here is our attempt at drawing a fortune cookie...


....well there you have it is suprisingly hard especially out of letters on the computer you can't beat it..

Mindy said...

Okay, L & G, you smarty-pants. Now draw Homer with your keyboard.

jw said...

Just to help out Greg and Leigh here:
(I tried to paste it into the blogger comment box, but it was too big, alas.)

Also, Nate, the baby drawing, with you claim is "really hard" is either super-cute or super-creepy (the eyes! the eyes!). I can't decide which. Creepy-cute?

Anonymous said...

The fortune cookie looks like it's smiling at me. . .

Juliana said...

That was fun! :) I personally like your old person. She looks sweet. I want to sit down and listen to stories of her childhood.

I called B&N to ask when they'd get Calamity Jack in. She said, of course, January 5th, but then she ordered two copies for me directly and we're hoping they arrive before then. I'll let you know what happens!

Are you doing any more signings in Utah Valley before Christmas? I got a "Rapunzel" for a smooth $3.99 at the BYU bookstore (plus a storewide 20% discount... who could resist that?) for my nieces and I'd love to get it signed for them!

Nathan said...

Greg and Leigh--I'm not seeing the cookie. I see letters and the word cookie, OH WAIT. W-W-O-W I see it now! What an amazing trick!

Mindy--You tell 'em.

jw--Aren't all babies both creepy and cute?

Jessica--Fortune Cookie Very Happy.

Juliana--$3.99!?! Yikes, BYU Bookstore, how many did they have? For that price I'll go buy some. I'm pretty sure I have some signing dates in the next few weeks. I'll be sure to post them to the blog when I know specifics.

shannon hale said...

BYU buys remaindered books and sells them, even when there are in-print editions. THey are the only bookstore I have ever seen that does this (except those stores that only do that). I find it very odd, especially when they do it for author signings. I blush for shame when I see authors who have come to Utah from far away asked to sit at a table and sign remaindered books for two hours, for which they get 0 royalties. Weird.

There's a fairy in Calamity JAck that Nate loathed drawing, but I"m telling you, girls are going to love the panels with the tiny little fairy dresses! (Okay, I loved those panels.)