Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo is finished! ...wish my novel was.

Okay! NaNoWriMo is over, and my story will be too, but not in time to keep it all in the month of November. I'm close though, really close. Only 2,500 words or so from finishing my rough draft. I'll probably finish wednesday or thursday. I could do it tonight, if I stayed up for four more hours. But I don't want to force the climactic finale.

It was a GREAT experience. I loved it. I'm looking forward to doing it again. And I'm REALLY looking forward to cleaning up this story I'm working on and sharpening it up for submission. I'll keep you all posted.

I hope you enjoyed the Chester show, I thought it was pretty funny stuff. I laugh every time I draw that Uni-Beaver. I Love the Uni-Beaver! Chester's been a very enjoyable character to draw and write. Watch out, he's going to end up in his own book series, just you wait. In fact, I'm going to let this NaNo Story rough draft soak for a few months (as you're supposed to, National Editing Month is in March) and dive into some Chester the Magical Centaur story material.

As for the blog, I don't exactly know what's next. I've got the SPACE WEED, and another interview planned, but it's suddenly December...I feel as though I should be moving into the Christmas material.

One thing's for sure, I gotta clean up the banner...and my bio photo...


Stuart said...

Nate!! It still says Na! No! WriMo! up on the top in the mouths!! He will come back maybe if not changed!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

DaNae said...

Nice 'do in the new photo.

If Chester makes it into a book you might need to change the name. Melanie Watt has beat you to using a Chester as an obnoxious narrator.


Nathan said...

Shoot! I knew somebody out there had to have claims on the name (I mean besides that Cheetoh Cheetah.)

I don't care. It's too good of a fit. Plus, I don't think I'll use him as a narrator. He has protagonist written all over him. (maybe.)

I'm embarrassed that I know how to spell Cheetoh. It's that "H." Is that how you spell it?

DaNae said...

There is defiantly room for more than one Chester in the picture book world; I believe Sid Hoff, Kevin Henkes, and James Howe are all members, placing you in good company. I would urge you to check out Watt's Chester, just for the high comedy. The cat Chester and the author Melanie have a battle throughout the book as to who is writing the story and what it is about.

As for spelling, you are appealing to the wrong person; I rely on Bill Gates to proof everything I write. You could alway just say Big Cat With Spots. No spelling challenges there.