Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back!

We just got back from San Diego about two hours ago, we drove all day. We forgot to empty the kitchen trash can, so the house STINKS. Anyway, Comic-Con was super, super fun.

RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE did not win the Eisner for "Best Graphic Novel for Teens/Tweens" the award went to Neil Gaiman's CORALINE graphic novel. But the nomination is enough for me--it was a big honor to be seated with all the other nominees and attend the ceremony. I got to meet a lot of great writers and illustrators, including Holly Black (the Spiderwick author), Jennifer Holm (the Babymouse author) Chris Schweizer (author of another Tween nominated book CROGAN'S VENGEANCE) and Mouse Guard creator, David Peterson. I even spent some time with some of the screenwriters working on THE DEVIL YOU KNOW movie.

Here's hoping for a CALAMITY JACK nomination, so I can go again.

I'm going to bed!


Emnia E. said...

Good for you! It's seems like ya had fun, and maybe JACK can pull it off!
(crossed fingers)

I just got 'Coraline' the movie the other day, and since JACK won't be out until Jan., I might get my sister the comic book depending on how she likes the movie.

David Miles said...

The comic is great :). I love the swag bags from Comic con... it's the adult equivalent to bags of Halloween candy! I'm a little jealous about the Little Nemo prints!

Anyway, congrats on the nomination! Here's hoping for Jack!

Nathan said...

Thanks everybody--sorry I haven't been replying to comments lately. I had the page set on auto pilot for this trip. I did learn a lot about webcomics from a webcomics discussion panel. I'm hoping to start revamping the site a bit soon.

victoria said...

I was doing a little surfing and noticed Disney is doing a Rapunzel movie - and she ties people up with her hair. Hmmm. Interesting idea. I mean, ripoff! Rar.