Friday, July 17, 2009

The Twenty Second Pledge Drive

It's not a good mystery unless it gets interrupted by a pledge drive. Lucky for you, this one only lasts as long as it takes to read. I hate pledge drives.

I've got full illustrations for a picture book due Monday morning, I've still got a few paintings to polish (one's still only in pencil!) wish me luck, it'll be a LOOOOOOONG weekend. If you've noticed my post times this week, you'll see what kind of hours I've been keeping to meet this deadline. Cheers everybody. And support the S.S.N. brought to you by Viewers Like You.


jw said...

The pledge drive is worth the interruption just to see you in a suit. But am I supposed to buy all of your books *again*?

Q said...

Each panel costs you millions of dollars?? Gosh, you must be loaded; those pledge drives must really be working out for you. That or you take out a bunch of loans.

Aha! No one likes pledge drives, so you must be the cause of the recession! Not subprime mortgages, subprime loans for the creation of SSN webcomics! Really, they are awesomely amazing and fantastic, but couldn't you have spared the economy?

Erm, just kidding.

(It was the host.)

Anonymous said...

This is just like the time Homer got hooked on "Shut Yer Gob" on PBS, and pledged $10,000 so they would end the pledge drive and restart the series, and then he got chased down by Betty White and the Muppets, and ended up on a South Sea island licking toads!

"Why did I register with InstaTrace!"

Sarah C. said...

I wrote a very nice review on Amazon for "The Devil You Know", I'll have you know--top literary stuff :) So you're groveling pledge drive worked for this household.