Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bird-Face Face-Off Finale Show

Thanks to everyone who voted! The winner, by a landslide, is the FEATHER DUSTER BUDGERIGAR! The final results are:

Helmeted Guinea Fowl-6
Shoebill Stork-2
Feather Duster Budgerigar- 16
King Vulture-7

Let's see how the birds take it...


DavidM said...


Not the duster!!

I think there's 'fowl' play!

DaNae said...

Serves the little prima donna right! Take that you little excuse for cheer-leader’s implement! Who laughing now, you pompous vote-hogging chickadee?

Um, what’s that you say? You’re looking for alibis? I can’t vouch for the others, but Vulture was having lunch with yours truly. I’m willing to swear in a court of law, on a pile of dead rodent carcasses. And by the way, once the CSI guys are finished with the investigation, we could take care of the corpse for you. Upon my honor, all due respect will be given.

Emnia Elf said...

Oh no! Not a dead bird to stink up the stage! the muderer might be the long lost Smart Dodo!
Or... Nah. They're all a bit crazy inside.
Whoo! Muders! I love investigations! But the poor bird... You couldn't even find a finger in that mess.

Nerd Goddess said...

Oh noes!

If I'd known this was going to be so violent I would have stayed away. And here I thought it'd be all "kid friendly"... *sniff sniff*


Q said...

Oh, no! Which one of the contestants could possibly be so desperate?

Or...wait. Was it the host, angry that he didn't get a place in the voting?

Nathan said...

Ha ha! Best. Comments. Ever.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

I think it was a slip of the artist's finger. ;)

Greg and Leigh said...

Someone is trying to sabotage the annual BFFO!!!
Shuffle...shuffle...hmm sounds like a penguin problem from the pinniped party...he hate being left out!!

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Birdzilla said...

Somehow in the dark someone stabs Feather Duster They were able to see in the darkness