Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fowl Play part 1

Props to commenter DavidM, who gave us the "Fowl Play" title.

Who could have guessed the Bird-Face Face-Off would end in tragedy? It was a shock to me too! Let's look for clues--we need to get to the bottom of this.


DaNae said...

Did you happen to see that smug look on Flamingo's elongated face? I'd start the investigation there. Don't you smell that faint whiff of coconut shrimp clinging to the murder weapon?

And in a purely altruistic move, Vulture will be happy to step up, as 1st runner up in the Bird-Face Face-off, and accept all the duties, awe, and monetary awards of the tragically deceased winner.

Emnia Elf said...

The Guinea Fowl looks rather angered. Maybe it was mad that everyone DID NOT award him after the murder!
But, yes.... That flamingo. I always thought that those Flamingos had a dark side. The Sith of the Birds!!!!

Q said...

r--I had another idea. It could be the disembodied voice! He's angry he hasn't gotten a place in this comic so far.

...Of course, he's disembodied, so he'd need an accomplice to actually do the stabbing.

So I still kind of think it was the host.

Flu-Bird said...

Notice how King Vulture is looking behind himself behaps looking for a way to escape