Monday, September 24, 2012

The 1828 Election Throwdown Showdown part 3

Next Monday, winners and losers, the final episode of the Throwdown Showdown.


Clint C. said...

Wow, this really makes me feel better about today's headlines.

Nathan said...

And none of today's candidates carry cane swords. I might pay more attention if they did.

Chiquita said...

Oh words! :O Violent presidents from long ago. Instead of band I ended up taking a Criminal Law class, where we're forced to learn about the elections and whatnot.
We're probably the shadiest government in the world. We should give up our land to Sweden, and then we could be happy. Eating chocolate and pancakes and doing nothing. :) That'd be nice.
It's agreed, though--sword-canes would make awesome elections. REALLY AWESOME ELECTIONS! ^.^
But that's probably illegal. I don't really pay attention (typical high schooler, probably...). Giving our land to Sweden is probably also illegal. Again, I wouldn't really know. But somebody with a sword-cane might get really irritated if we gave our land to Sweden, even though chocolates and pancakes are delicious. (mmmmmm....)
SO, anyway, yeah. The US was very violent. Now we're shady. Therefore, no one cares about politics anyway because they're all rigged*. (false internet theory scare beginning? I think so!!! :D )

*Please reference the 'I am a high schooler who doesn't pay attention, hence, I don't know anything. This was not a true fact, none of this is factual. Thank you have a fantastic day and stay golden whoever you are!!! :)

8147 said...

beyond all said and done the very structure of debt seems remaining an unexpired period of. That's the focus right now, as it should be, as far as the nation's debt is concerned, apart from that of mine own ;O
No matter who is elected to rule the country in the future we should not be too tolerant of it while tending to overlooking the overall picture can have fatal consequences on a wider "golden" scale in some years from now.

Chocolate said...

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