Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Purple Rocks

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NatSim said...

One wise man a while ago reminded me of life can be easy depends on how I take it and where I take it to. He said, "I will find you," my response belatedly to his derogatory comment would be "I have already found out who you are: the same ones who put obstacles in my way," that to know is not to know. So he doesn't need to find, but he might occasionally listen what I have to say. Even rocks are receptive to natural things in life. In my case "natural" is meant to be progessive in education. So when I try to solve a problem (although there doesn't seem exist any) in this light another comment was very recently made by a wise person saying writing is equal to prospect. That might be true if only for 'USERS'. Instead I wanna be owned by my honey. Yesterday was alerted that time and money might have been used for something much more constructive. That's also true only when I play alone so I decided to cease writing (but can't promise you) from now on since it doesn't seem make any contribution at all anyway.