Monday, September 10, 2012

The 1828 Election THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN part 1

So, it looks like Mondays are going to be HAZARDOUS TALES days here on the Space Station. That still leaves Tuesday through Friday for general nonsense and fun (this week, more weird landscapes.) But on Mondays, sorry, you'll have to learn some U.S. history.

This one will be a multi-parter. Probably 4 pages. Here we go:

Who do you think will win?

No Googling the answer!

Head over to the Hazardous Tales specific blog for anything you've missed.


Q said...

I don't know, but I feel like you would appreciate this if you haven't already seen it:

Chris said...

I like the echo of ADAMS! Adams! adams, but I think I will side with the hangman. Jackson's hair and squint have to take the day.

Nathan said...

Hahaha! That's a good link, Q! I do appreciate it, I DO!

Clint C. said...

It's embarrassing that I don't know the answer. Finish your book so I can find out!

121213131414151516 said...

Politics has been an ever simple issue which is why knowing probably should require careful observation, and a knower and a known -- this way simple becomes complicated. You may know the unknown that in general refers to as permutation, or you may not know the known that is more likely to be related to the notion of uncertainty. I don't know sometimes at all which is why uncertainty and probability are not fully controllable and thus not revelant; this makes politics makes sense and is what makes games (politics) escapable from real life ;)

Nathan said...

Hmm. I keep getting these goofy cryptic comment postings.

They are obviously spouted by some sort of sentence-generating spam-bot. But I like to pretend they are written by a person. A crazy, crazy person.

I usually delete them. But I think I'll keep this one. I like the emoticon at the end.

Strangely, this post has pulled them in like a magnet--it must have something to do with the word "Election" in the post title.

8147 said...

I don't know what exactly is intended with the post title but know with high certainty that the election is pretended to be substantial in my case from some sort of own real experience.. Thanks for keeping me posted and getting back to me on the (hopefully) correct word in puntuation!! I know for sure that politics is the art of looking into the eyes, literally, to get a road map of reality and what's going on inside my heart and head -- of a particular state of hot affairs in reality!