Thursday, September 13, 2012

LINCOLN movie trailer--see anyone from BIG BAD IRONCLAD?

So there's a big Abraham Lincoln movie coming out this November (no, it's not the one where he fights vampires) it's called "LINCOLN" and it's from a guy named Steven Spielberg. Here's the trailer. Watch closely and see if you can see anyone from BIG BAD IRONCLAD (besides Lincoln himself.)


Pretty epic, huh? Looks like it could be pretty good, right? Here's what I think I spotted:

0:30--Could that be the burning of the Norfolk shipyard? I see big buildings, near water, on fire. Could the Merrimack be burning in there? See pages 22-23

1:17--Dead center, full screen, if that isn't our hero, Gideon Welles a.k.a. Father Neptune, I'll eat my hat. I actually went to imdb, and sure enough, Gideon Welles is listed in the cast of characters.

1:37--Now this is a long, long shot, but could this young soldier be Will Cushing? Probably not (I didn't see Cushing on the imdb cast list) but there ARE some cast members who's roles are blank--and some who are listed as "Union Soldier." Maybe, just maybe it's Cushing.

I didn't see any naval action scenes, but wow, did those battle scenes look intense!

How cool would it be if they showed the Monitor vs. Merrimack battle? If I see either ironclad in the movie I'll jump up a cheer like a maniac.


I invite you to shout as well.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to get a copy of Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: BIG BAD IRONCLAD. If you don't have it you are totally missing out!

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