Monday, July 25, 2011

Gname That Gnome #9

Gnome #9 is a fearsome, armored, lady-gnome.

Gname that Gnome!

Yesterday's Gnome is as-yet unnamed (I was not able to consult the judges before their bed-time.) So if you have a name for the sea-faring gnome, post it! We'll wait another day to pick the winner.


Q said...

Brunhilda the Valiant. Right now, her toenails are painted blue to match her war paint.

Fiona said...

Naomi (pronounced noh-me)

Chris said...

Nate, I love the armored hat! I know it's meant to be a gnome hat, but it makes me think of the peaked hats that ladies wear to jousts in movies about King Arthur or Robin Hood. Having that hat armored but still with flower patterns on it is a great subversion of assumptions. This could totally be a story about a tough princess if it weren't part of the gnome series.

John Waverly said...


A proud member of a GNavy SEAL team. Using catapults they fly deep behind enemy lines yard-dart style.

Jamie said...

Elinor or Guinevere.

Opaleyz said...

Huh--I thought of Brunhilda too (before checking the comments).

But I think she could also be Joan Le Gnome, defender of small animals everywhere :)

Unknown said...

Pip Squeak, Girl Warrior. Her big sister is out for the day so Pip decided to take matters into her own hands when that silly dragon came back around.

Nathan said...

From Twitter:

2yo says, "Morgan."

4yo says, "Space Emily."

Jessica says, "Ragnfrid" or "Heimtraud."

Anika S. said...

Imogene. she fights against the injustice of early bedtimes.