Thursday, July 15, 2010

Animal House Guessing Game #7

Here's another tricky one. These come in multiples.

You may notice that some of these animal names are more of a stretch than others. The good, sharp ones come from the author, Candace Ryan's original manuscript. The goofy, hard to pronounce ones come from me. See, when I started illustrations for this book, I just made furniture with animal features willy-nilly. But our ever-watchful editor pointed out that ALL the creatures who appear in the book should have a word-play name, even if they aren't named in the story. This is one of those.

Yesterday was that lovable chum, the "Refridgergator."


Chris said...

This is a tough one. To me they look like LEGOmorphs (lagomorph being the scientific name for rabbits and hares). But we haven't used taxonomy for any of the others yet, so they must be...

sta-hares (stairs)
OR chares (chairs)
OR 100% cottontail socks
OR a toaster obunny (oven)
OR simply DRABbit decor

Ew! Note how they get progressively worse. My verification word is "tries" so I just kept trying. I hope the real answer isn't as much of a stretch as most of my guesses.

Sabs said...

haha!, this is a rather impossible game to partake in when English isn't your first language, but I thought I'd just drop in and say that I'm loving both the drawings and all your wordgames! (yes, the English is just good enough to get those :), well, most of them...)

Nathan said...

Oh wow! I love LEGOmorphs! Not the correct answer, but I love it!

And thanks for the kind words Sabs!

Laura said...

Family pictHARES?

Henna @ AboutDivorce Blog said...

thats cute. i am very impressed by your observations and the way you have written them down. a good blog you have running

Juliana said...

Cube rabbits ... cubits.

edith said...

I'm going for rabbit ears. Like the old antennae's on old tv's. We still have one of those--it's older than we are and gets great reception.

Candace Ryan said...

Nate, I remember seeing your first sketches come in with all the cool extra critters. A fun challenge for me was to try and come up with wordplay names for them.

Did you have a name for this creature yourself? I remember the name coming to me as soon as I saw it, and no other critter would have been as perfect!

Chris, you're unstoppable!!