Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animal House Guessing Game #10

Today is launch day! ANIMAL HOUSE is now out!

Now, there's a caveat, most picture books aren't like your Harry Potter, day and date, ready in stores on launch-day books. They'll get to your local bookstore eventually. Make sure to ask your store to get ANIMAL HOUSE! But if you got it online, your Amazon pre-order ships today!

Today's animal is very, very tricky. It doesn't follow the rules of all the other wordplay names--good luck, it's maybe the most difficult one yet.

Yesterday's critter was the "Quailt." Get it? Quilt + Quail.


Juliana said...

I've got it!! Underdog!

Stacy said...

Happy On-Sale Day, Nate! I'm really enjoying watching all the comments unfolding--I think a sequel may be in the works! :)

Nathan said...

Sequel? Ooh, ooh, let me guess:


Maybe a trilogy?

Chris said...

Wait! I know, I know!
It's the Big Bed Wolf!

Alternative names:
a muttress,
a muttoman (ottoman)
the grHound

Rita said...

My first thought was a wolf-blanket as in wool blanket.

Candace Ryan said...

Yes, Nate, happy release day!! Hope you had a good one!

Chris, you're on quite a roll!