Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I guess I should say that the WASATCH SASQUATCH WATCH shirt does not figure into this plot line, it just happens to be the shirt I'm wearing--in case you were hoping for a visit from Sasquatch. The WASATCH SASQUATCH WATCH was a band my little brother formed, they played two times. Great...now this text is more interesting than today's cartoon panel. Where's the big loud voice for down here? { OH I'M HERE, BUT THIS TEXT DOESN'T CONCERN ME. YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. }

One more thing, I was contacted a while back by a guy who runs a REAL SPACE STATION BLOG, about NASA and the I.S.S. Take a look, thanks for the link Sheldon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! My pastor used to work for NASA!!! How cool!
E. Elf