Friday, June 19, 2009

The Pinniped Party 8/8 The Finale!

Words to live by. Have a good weekend!


DaNae said...

Ridiculously sublime

Nathan said...

Thank You DaNae. I hope everyone enjoyed the pinnipeds as much as I did.

Next week will be all new. I've got big plans!

shannon hale said...

No way! I totally didn't see that ending coming. Those pinnipeds are BA!

Q said...

Because if you don't stay away, they'll punch you in the face. Just ask the penguin and the diver.

Are there more pinnipeds that come to join the party later?

Debbie said...

My kids and I are using these in our homeschooling lessons for both 'animals' and 'social etiquette'. :)
Ok not really. Good stuff dude.

Jessica Day George said...

I always suspected that cute little seals were really very violent. Hey, I've been meaning to ask if you would illustrate my new book! It's about King Arthur, and each of his knights is bonded to a wise-cracking wolf. I think it's right up your alley!

Nathan said...

Debbie, under no circumstances should you use this site for educational purposes.

Jessica, you know how I feel about both King Arthur and Animals-Bonding-With-Humans-Particularly-Wolves. (I don't like them.) But in this case, I think two wrongs actually make a right. I like this a lot.

ARTHUR'S WOLF: If Lancelot sings one more time I'munna hurl.


LANCELOT'S WOLF: (to Lancelot) You got told.


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