Thursday, June 4, 2009

Format Week Day 4

This post actually is at 150 dpi, as opposed to 200 dpi, the dpi it's been so far, anyone notice any difference? Thanks for all the great input so far! I never knew blog posting could be so much fun!


David Miles said...

From where I'm sitting I'd say that you've arrived! The click size fits on the screen nicely and the no-click size is perfect for reading. :)

jw said...

Yup: needs no click-through to read it and I don't see any loss in quality at 150.

I think that Chuck has some staying power, but I predict that the yappy dog and the red snapper will get washed out of the rankings once you get to more comics.

I kinda wish we could get Chuck back for more adventures, then syndication and t-shirts and million-copy-selling compilations... Viva Chuck!

Q said...

I didn't notice any difference! Go for 150.