Thursday, June 25, 2009

The First Picture


DavidM said...

whoa :) Ha! That would be a fun trip... sans the lamp :).

Sarah C. said...

That is my favorite cave in the world. You just made by day by posting that. I tried to get my boys to hike up there when they were 2 and 3 and they nearly fell off the mountain sliding down the skree rocks. We didn't make it up. But someday they will be initiated into the deer cave!

Nathan said...

Sarah, your not supposed to know where this is! It's supposed to be far away and mysterious, and certainly not somewhere 2 and 3 year olds could possibly get to. This is hardcore--a cave on a mountain!

Okay, yeah, you caught me. Everyone, this is a cave five minutes climb behind the Hale Ranch in southern Utah. And Sarah C. is my cousin. And you're right Sarah, the climb is CRAZY slippery, and far scarier than I remember. I climbed up there with all this studio stuff just for the picture, it was supposed to take five minutes, it took an hour.

I tried to get a shot with me in the picture, but couldn't get a good angle with the self-timer.

I did all my work safely in a downstairs room on a folding table. There you go, some inside info from the comments section.

victoria said...

Wow, that's dedication to climb up there with your paint just for the picture! Well, it's a great picture. And you had me going there. We just got back and are working through our post-Ranch depression. (from having to come home.)