Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Jacks are more handsome than others

CALAMITY JACK has 144 pages. Minus the title, copyright and front material, that leaves 140. And this time out, I actually mis-numbered a page, so there's one less. So that's 139. Each page has on average 8 panels, that's 1,152 panels. Jack appears in 2/3rds of those panels. Meaning in the book, I have drawn and colored Jack 768 times.

When you draw a character that many times, you are bound to draw an ugly one here and there. We've all seen a few ugly Rapunzels in the pages of Rapunzel's Revenge.

But every once in a while, you get a really nice one.

Look at this handsome Jack.

I'll make sure to post the next really ugly Jack I come across.

Oh by the way, Rapunzel's Revenge made the ALA "Notable Children's Book" list this year--and we're the ONLY graphic novel to make it! Pretty sweet! Rapunzel also made the YALSA "Great Graphic Novel for Teens" list. Great news!


hwalk said...

Jack is a stud.

caribookscoops said...

768 times wow! That's a lot of Jack. Congrats on the Notable Children's Book list!

shannon hale said...

Rapunzel is never ugly. Take it back. But I concur that Jack is one swoon-worthy devil.

Nathan said...

Rapunzel's Revenge, Page 70, panel 2. That there's an ugly Rapunzel. She has no chin, and a weird set of dots under one eye.

The ugliest offenders get cleaned up in the digital phase. I straighten out crossed eyes, crooked smiles--you name it.