Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yellowbelly and Brick Obama

Two fun images for you:

Thanks to The Brothers Brick (my favorite LEGO blog) for the link. This is the wallpaper on my laptop. I was visiting Westside Elementary School on friday, doing my illustration presentation, and all the kids cheered when this popped up before my Powerpoint loaded.

And some more fan art, this time from super fan, Max Hale! Here's Yellowbelly and Plum!

Hey! Why'd it post upside down? Oh well, it's kinda fun that way. Max is Shannon and Dean's little boy, and he once recited the entire text of Yellowbelly to me verbatim--that is a super fan!
Thanks Max! And thanks to Shannon for the link.

Still crushing out Calamity Jack pages around the clock! 

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Mike said...

I just Googled my poster to find all the of the places that it has been blogged. Your anecdote about the childrens' reaction to seeing it made me smile. Thanks!

-Mike Fortress