Monday, February 9, 2009

A Building Cameo

No this isn't an example of an Ugly Jack--this one's okay, a little long in the chin maybe. This is a panel featuring a special cameo appearance by a building. Recognize it? If you do, you must live near me--this is the historic Provo Library. I did at least 75% of the drawings for CALAMITY JACK (and RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE) in a study carrel on the top floor of this building. That's a lot of long hours at the library. So this panel is to say "Thank you library, you may house snoring homeless people, and have short hours on weekends, but you are far, far cheaper than renting an office."

Twenty days left on the CALAMITY JACK marathon. It'll be tight, but the book WILL be finished by the end of this month!


Jessica Day George said...

Jeez, that looks like a blueprint or something. No wonder you have to ice your hand at night! Only twenty more days . . . you can do it!

I'd love to be able to go to our library and work, the snoring homeless people are nothing compared to the South Jordan Library's 900 unsupervised children at all hours of the day and night! And it doesn't have carrels, just a few chairs scattered around.

Rob Fullmer said...

he he, shows how long I've been out of Provo. My first thought was "hey, it's the old Brigham Young Academy building!" I still love that building.

Nathan, just wanted to say that after stumbling across Rapunzel in my local library (central Wisconsin), I read it through over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! You guys did a great job and I'm anxious for the sequel. Keep up the great work!

Laura said...

Oh my word, it's our library! OUR library! Down to the beehive monument in front. I love it!

Enna Isilee said...

Wow. That's way cool, Nate. Love that library.