Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rapunzel wins a Cybil Award!

(Not Actual Award)

(Actual Cybil Award--or, at least, the award I gave myself.
Look at that great lil' tractor!)

I learned over the weekend that Rapunzel's Revenge won a Cybil Award For Best Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novel. The Cybils are awarded by the children's publishing blogosphere. Thank you bloggers!

The judges said, “What made this book stand out to the judges was that it takes a well-known story and does something recognizable, but unique, creating an adventure which readers of both sexes can enjoy. Those readers will get swept up in the rawness of the emotions presented. The art is bright and leaps from the pages, but the images don’t overshadow the story or mask weaknesses in the plot. The story and images carried the weight equally, were well-paced, engaging, and generally solid.”
Nominated by Elizabeth.

See the full list of 2009 Cybil books here.

And see Shannon and Dean Hale's acceptance speech (wanton defacement of a Rapunzel's Revenge page) here. ;)


Greg and Leigh said...

cool!! It is almost time to party with Calamity Jack finishing up and the newton's finishing college...

Emnia Elf said...

Yay! Congrats! I just knew you couldn't let that book go without an award! And think of how many more people will hear of that and read that wonderful book...
(you might know us) ~Sister and Kiera.
(don't ask about the nickname.)
*blush, blush*

Marydee Moore said...

You're so stinkin' talented, Nate. Congrats on your award!

Erin said...

Woo-hoo! I'm so glad. :)