Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween Post

First off, Princess Rapunzel vs. Four-armed Dracula. Who are these children?

And second, get a load of this AWESOME pumpkin! This comes courtesy of Little Red, from Little Red Reading Hood. Incredible!

Happy (day after) Halloween everybody!


Enna Isilee said...


I saw that pumpkin in person, it's pretty amazing.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I love the first picture.

And the pumpkin is AMAZING. Little Red is a superhero that way. She made one for me (out of wood, so it'll last) that says Miss Erin...I lurvs it.

Laura Z M said...

Great costumes! I love Princess Rapunzel's tresses. And a four-armed Dracula, huh? I think I may have once dated a guy that fits that description.

I'm glad you like the Rapunzel carving, Nate. I'm afraid the photo doesn't do the pumpkin justice. It's 18 inches tall. I'm looking forward to carving a Calamity Jack-o-lantern! (A silhouette would be helpful. And could you work a pumpkin into the story somewhere?)

Erin, I wish the Miss Erin pumpkin were made of wood. Unfortunately it is not quite so eco-friendly. It's a carve-able low–density polyurethane foam pumpkin. I rarely use the fake ones, but yours had to survive the long trip home.

Anonymous said...

So so cool. I love the pumpkin. :)

Nathan said...

Check--for you Laura, I will put a pumpkin in Calamity Jack. I'm working on the cover now, just sketches, it takes several rounds of sketches before the editor/publisher/marketing dept. choose one they like.

The current one has a Charlie's Angels style silhouette of Jack, Rapunzel and {unannounced new character} that would make a great pumpkin.

The two kids are my kids. I have no idea where the idea for four armed Dracula came from. He wore the extra arms for a day or two.

Jaime Mormann Richardson said...

Verrry creative children you have, Nate. I love it!

shannon hale said...

Holy cow! That dracula is as creepy as Rapunzel is cute. That doesn't even look like Uly. Sheesh. I was Rapunzel this year too but I didn't look half as cute as Lucy.

Didn't we script Jack and Rap hitching a ride on a pumpkin merchant's wagon at some point?

Nathan said...

Shannon, the pumpkin cart got turned into the "Odorless Excavator" truck, which can actually be seen in an older post (one page back, the color mapping preview--it's the big barrel being pulled by My Little Ponies.) I found an old photo of an 1800s sewage wagon--I couldn't pass it up, I had to use it. I'll get that pumpkin in the book though, don't worry Laura.