Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little taste of Calamity Jack

You must think I spend all day thinking about Yellowbelly, considering my last few posts. Or maybe the Dinosaurs and their Night Before Christmas. In truth, the bulk of my working hours are spent in a book I can't post too much about; Calamity Jack, Rapunzel's Revenge Book the Second.

I smuggled this panel out of the factory for a sneak preview.

I'm about 3/4 finished with the ink drawings, and the color team are right behind me page for page. This particular holiday weekend, I'll be turning in the pencil sketch version of the cover. If the publisher allows it, I'll post the cover in progress


Shannon said...

Gorgeous! I didn't think you could top Rapunzel's art but you have. What a great panel. That's a great snippet that in some ways sums up the feeling of the entire book, kind of like the Wanted Poster did for Rapunzel.

Enna Isilee said...

I'm really loving the pages I'm getting. I dunno if everyone got pages this cool. :)


Nathan said...

Enna Isilee, EVERYBODY'S pages are cool--you may actually be getting the boring ones. }:P

Shannon, Rapunzel's artwork has been SO topped. Trust me, Jack's gonna make Rapunzel look like the ugly, red-headed stepchild. Not really, but Jack's drawings are noticeably better. (And are also noticeably slower--I could clock three, maybe four inked Rapunzel pages in a day, but so for, Jack's record is two.)

Audrey said...

This illustration looks awesome! I can't wait for the sequel! It looks like you have been working hard! I think Calamity Jack will be a HUGE hit!!! You and Shannon are my favorite authors for sure!

The Traveler said...

I CANNOT wait for "Calamity Jack". I just devoured "Repunzel's Revenge" for the second time - I LOVE this stuff. Please hurry!!

The Traveler said...

oops, Ha. I just saw it on Amazon. I see I'm a bit out-of-date...lol - I'll be getting it soon!