Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saga of the Dongles, day 3

The one in the middle is the one I over-nighted. If you look at it's end, and the end of the one on the right, you'll see they are both receiving ends. My drawing monitor is an old CINTIQ, 2007 era. My computer uses a fancy-schmancy mini-VG-doo-dad. I already have a ridiculous daisy chain of attachments to get it to work. I should have drawn a diagram before purchasing this latest item. But wait, I can't draw a diagram--my drawing machine can't connect! Why not just draw it on paper!? Because I can't post paper on my blog! AAAAGHGHG!

But fear not! The curse ends Friday {EDIT: the post won't be up until Friday afternoon} {DOUBLE EDIT: Saturday} {TRIPLE EDIT: Ugh, Tuesday.} when I will no longer be using my travel rig. I will be back on my trusty, home studio set-up.

The bad news. I've got a lot more traveling this month.

To Do List: 

1. Catch up on Taco Hell Story

2. Get a new travel rig


Unknown said...

Have you been to Simply Mac? They should have them.

Nathan said...

I'm several hours from any Mac stores.