Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bleeding Kansas Part 4

People of Kansas City, I will be speaking and officially apologizing for my Confederate map mistake tonight at the Johnson County Lackman Library, 6:30. Come and say hi!


Sarah C. said...

Holy Cow! That is bloody. It's so nice being totally ignorant of history. I get to read these with total suspense. History does a good job of making you feel better about the present!

Nathan said...

Super gory! He drags people out of their homes at night and hacks them to death--and he's the GOOD guy!

Kenna said...

What's nice is we're learning in history exactly what you post. Example:
Haha, Mr. Hale messed up on Kansas.
(When I get home)
Holy COW,how did he know...? You rock, sir!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr Hale (spy and illustrator) I admire your art.