Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dongle Trouble!

Uh-oh! Space Station Emergency! The little dongle attachment that connects my drawing monitor to my computer went KAPUT! Amazon is rushing me a new one this minute, but there will be no post today. You will have to wait until tomorrow for the next Taco Hell installment.


edith said...

Do you ever feel like "Taco Hell" is cursed? There seem to be a lot of "coincidental" reasons why this story isn't getting done. Nate, what did you do to deserve this? No, really. Did you defile an ancient Taco Bell foundation dig or something?

Nathan said...


This story has been cursed! Or, maybe it's just so long that problems were bound to pop up. I just found out the shipment was delayed too.

It will be nice to be finished with the Taco Story!

edith said...

The sad thing about getting older is that it takes me HOURS to remember that you already said this story was cursed. 'Course, you probably said that MONTHS ago, in my defense . . .

edith said...

meri (marry)
hi, i really like your drawings!
and i think it's even cooler that you do it on the computer!

(just so you know i'm your cousin once removed)