Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The second to last Horrorscope...

Only a day or two of October left! Enjoy your last few Horrorscopes!

The LEGO Castle of Frankenstein is now complete! Here is the whole thing as it is displayed at the Provo Library. And speaking of the library, tonight, Tuesday night, is our official Frankenstein party!
Both Rick Walton and I will be there, signing books and talking Frankenstein.

Come out and see us! Visit the LEGO castle! Buy a Frankenstein and get it signed! All tonight, at the Provo Library, 7 pm! Be there!


Erin Shakespear said...

Wow. I am most definitely impressed. And I wish I was closer. I'd love to come to that party! Have fun!

Chris said...

Love the LEGO castle. Your bricking skills are impressive.