Monday, October 1, 2012

The Frankenstein LEGO Display Stage 1

Holy smokes, it's October! This month marks the one year anniversary of the Taco Hell Drive Thru story. Criminy, where did the year go? And, you may ask, where did the end of that story go? Don't worry, I will wrap it up--and maybe even some time this month.

On another Halloween note: it's FRANKENSTEIN time! I'm building a LEGO FRANKENSTEIN castle for a display case at the nearby Provo Library. It's going up in four stages. A new level goes up each week in October. Today I placed The Moat. The other stages will be The Gate, The Lab and The Tower.

Take a look--and pardon my horrible phone-photography skills.

Here's a close-up. Can you spot the four FRANKENSTEIN characters?

I'm proud of that waterfall.


Opaleyz said...

That is so cool! Can't wait to see the new levels every week :)

storyqueen said...

Just bought your book! I love it!

Will Strong said...

I just saw this in the library yesterday. I had my suspicions that you were behind it. Looks great.

Laura Z M said...

Awesome. We'll have to go by the library for a look.

Frankenstein will be making an appearance on our porch this Halloween!

On a pumpkin.

Of course.

Nathan said...


Laura, Frankenstein will be the EASIEST drawing of mine you've ever had to carve. Can't wait to see it!