Thursday, October 25, 2012

Horrorscope Tunnels!

Phew. That's one spooky Horrorscope! Where does Rick come up with these?

On another Frankenstein-related note, here is level three of Frankenstein's Lego castle: The Lab! Look closely in the center to see Frank himself. You can also see the Bride of Frank, Pumpkinhead, Zombie Girl and a dragon!


Jeanna said...

Holy cow! I want you to come play with Legos at my house. ... For my children, of course. ... Because I'm far too mature to get all giddy over Lego buildings. Really.

Anonymous said...

How DOES Rick Walton come up with those Horrorscopes?

Also, it would be really awesome if you were to make a Horrorscope contest for the followers of your blog! The person who made up the funniest/scariest Horrorscope would get it feature on the blog,like the Name That Dragon contest last year. That was so fun!