Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ALA Recap 3: Loot (non-book loot)

So let's get to what everybody's really excited to hear about. What cool thing did I get at the LEGO store with my Hangman/Frankenstein contest earnings?

I got two large pick-a-brick cups. Seen here:

Cup one features mostly the newer two-brick-tall slopes in light grey, perfect for the base of a castle wall. Cup two has a lot of classic green slopes. Green is harder to come by than you would think, not a lot of sets are green heavy. There's a splash of tan in there too. The gaps are filled with tiny 1x1 transparent plates. I was hoping for those in blue or green (to make water/swamp effects) but they only had red and yellow.

There are long discussions on various LEGO internet forums on how to maximize your pick-a-brick cup. The current favored method is actually sticking all the pieces together, one at a time. It might take an hour or two, but you will get more bricks that way.

The LEGO store in Downtown Disney features a truly breathtaking pick-a-brick wall. It reaches all the way to a 30 foot ceiling. Amazing.

Now you are probably doing the math and thinking, that money didn't go very far. Just two cups? The truth is, I didn't force the people to pay the dollar. Only a few paid. My dream of walking out with a Modular Pet Shop or giant Lord of the Rings castle was not to be. Maybe next time.


L.H. Karek said...

The pet shop is my favourite of the modular buildings, I think. The aquarium and the man painting and everything is just so perfect.

Nathan said...

The Pet Shop is a real honey--also the only modular I don't have. They had it on display at the LEGO store, in a glass case--it really looks great.

Some day...