Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ALA Recap 1: Frankenstein Wins!

And the winner is FRANKENSTEIN!

The final count was close: Hangman, 39--Frankenstein, 44

Frankenstein's cuteness could not be denied! 

Here's a shot of a young fan who chose a Frankenstein drawing. She also added a cute bunny rabbit drawing of her own. If you look behind the young fan, you can see the back of math genius and graphic novelist Jason Shiga. If you haven't seen his book MEANWHILE, you should really check it out. It is a choose-your-own-adventure comic book that has 3,856 possible outcomes.

Here's a close up. The drawings were done on a parchment paper with three colors of China Marker (brown, black and white) then a dash of ink brush for the features. They were fun to draw. I let people suggest things for Frankenstein (and the Hangman) to be holding or saying. Here he is holding a sign that says Hello. I think my favorite one showed him holding a giant brain and saying, "Reading Comics  makes BIG brains."

Here is my booth as I was setting it up Friday morning. I was very early. You can see the carpet layers setting up the carpet for the show. I actually made a giant planning mistake and arrived a full day early. The show floor didn't open on friday until 5:30 PM. I thought it was opening at 9 AM.

What did I do that day?

I went across the street to Disneyland.

On the table you can see my giant bookmarks. I can proudly say they were the LARGEST bookmarks at ALA. They are actually bigger than the books they advertise. I printed a few boxes of these, if you happen to see me at a signing any time in the next two years, ask me for one.

More ALA Recap tomorrow. Next up...the Costume!


Opaleyz said...

Heh, love the drawing of Frankenstein w/ the bunny :) If you happen to have a pic of the drawing you did w/ the brains, that would be great to see. Sounds like it would make a good library poster . . .

Hazel Mitchell said...

Hurrah! Frankenstein won!