Friday, November 12, 2010


Today's dragons are twins! Baby girl dragon twins. Name Those Dragons!

And remember, judging this entry will be Shannon and Dean Hale! They know their way around baby twin girls--and dragons too! You have all weekend, name on!

Yesterday's winner was "Epannou" an icy name submitted by Aredhel. "Epannou." Brrrr. Sounds cold! Congratulations Aredhel! I've got a banner coming soon (but it won't be up today.)


Myrna Foster said...

Mrameth and Shazel

Allegra said...

Alren and Luxa.

buttercup said...

Skayleigh Lyssard and Fayden Beauty
These are better names for dragons than for children...:)

Ada (10 yr-old) says Jane & Peter Pan

Debbie Barr said...

My husband George says "Jade and Hyacinth"

I say they look more like a "Vela and Kaza"

Stuart said...

Crypting and Shawgon!!

Carmen said...

Dinah and Wren. ;-)

Unknown said...

Chaos and Drama

Jason said...

Greeny & Yelly

Riley said...

Johnson & Johnson

Riley said...

This message is from Layna.

Due to the celebrity nature of today's name selection, I feel that the dragons' names should be Mary Kate and Ashley.

Anonymous said...

"Rickie and Nickie" by A&W

Anonymous said...

Zeus and Athena

Anonymous said...

Hook and Tallon -Shannon
What a great name!

Anonymous said...

Peeka and Boo
by BlueJay

Anonymous said...

Katsa & Gale
by The BookWorm

megwrites said...

Mischief and Manners.

edith said...

to and fro
east and west
north and south

lime and lemon!

no really----- OOPLES AND BANOONOO

anika s.

lissa said...

The yellow one should be Aurora, and the green one Borealis.

Greg and Leigh said...

Agate and Emerald

hidden reader said...

Trenda (the yellow one)
Minta (green- she looks like mint!)

Aredhel said...

Chaos and Calamity

John Ferguson said...

We're having a party at our house tonight, so lots of names:

MJ says, "Fiona and Mianna"
Rob says, "MJ and Anna"
Sarah says, "Sarah and Ashley"
Anna says, "Mint and Vanilla"
Isaac says, "Dorcas and Darcus"
Andrew says, "Greenie and Booboo"
Erin says, "Anastasia and Katya"
Trevor says, "Hagen and Cope"

And my guess: Vernice and Solterna

Great things are expected of these twins born on either side of the Vernal Equinox: one in spring, one in summer. Perhaps they are two pieces of the Earth spirit brought into this world as the human prophesies foretell. Then again, dragons don't put much stock in human predictions--too short-sighted, merely thinking in centuries. We'll see what comes of their prognostication in a millennia (or two).

Q said...

I was always a fan of Scylla and Charybdis.

Carmen said...

Rin and Punzie.

Unknown said...

Gribs and Jibs

Anonymous said...

Amiel and Akhekhu

Jenn Adams said...

Chakra and Chi

kbrebes said...

Hetzie and Pekzie

Anonymous said...

Kyrie (green) and Kym (Yellow)

Claire said...

Crudus and Crocinus

Alysa Stewart said...

my entry: Tendon Tearer (alternate spelling Tendon Terror?) & Clavicle Cruncher.

Jacob's entry: Dean Devourer and Shannon Slayer.

Caitlin said...

Amarinlla (Am-a-reen-ya) and Verdino (ver-deen- o)

Mickey said...

Kindle and Ember

Camille Aurelia. said...

Vesper And Velox.

Vesper, the green dragons, is Latin for Evening star. This dragon is the night guardian for Orbis Terrarum Garden. She rules the night sky keeping a close and focused eye on anything and everything that creeps in the nights shadows.

Dragon's status (1-10, 10 being the highest)
Speed: 8
Strength: 9
Armor: 5

Velox, the yellow dragon, is Latin for quick, rapid,swift or fast. He is the Daylight guardian for Orbis Terrarum Garden. Keeper of the clouds, protects the inhabitants of the Garden, watches and protects with ever ounce of his being.

Speed: 10
Strength: 5
Armor: 8

By: Camille and Tauna Neerings
(Tauna came up with the names, (I Camille helped pick them out) and then I wrote their back story! Enjoy! ;)

Chris said...

"Toothful Smile of my Heart" (green) and "Jane" (yellow)

Laura Z M said...

Laura's entry:
Huffle and Puffle

Mike's entry:
Fridonia, the roaster of s'mores and Amorax, the burner of wheat toast

Katie's entry:
Ann and Lumeniha Taranacomer (AKA the Sister of Ann)

Lindsey's entry:
The Leer sisters, Krystal and Shanda

Carter's entry:
Goofball and Poofball

Kristyn Crow said...

Rammiamptonvillonaswaptonabllemar and Tor