Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Name That Dragon! Round 14

This peppy little dragon is positive he's the hero of any story he is in. Name That Dragon!

Once again, when judging at this high level, guest Judge Jessica is poring carefully over yesterday's names. There are some great ones in there. Who will she pick? What could that scary dragon possibly be named? Wait and see....

Judging is complete! Judge Jessica has come up with a winner:

Raigoth- by Debbie Barr
Moving silently on his velvet bat wings, Raigoth lives in darkness, hunts in darkness, kills in . . . DARKNESS!

That's TWO wins for Debbie (well, one and a half...) she's the one to beat! Incidentally, my new heavy metal band now is called "Raigoth" and this is our album cover.


Q said...


Aredhel said...


Allegra said...


Mike A said...

Robside the Pirate King, Captain of the dread ship Drakenhammer

Clint C. said...

Cole: Knightasaur
Talmage: The Sworded Dragon of Doom
Sarah: Percy

Unknown said...

Peter Pandragon

Unknown said...

Susan says: Pedro

Anika S. said...

the Indubitible Snud of Roanwabble.
( defender of the defenseless, helper of the helpless, and the most awesome dragon there ever was)

this title is self proclaimed. :)

Nathan said...

Napalm Stanley

Sarah B. said...

Super Greenscale

Laura Z M said...

Carter's entry:

Lindsey's entry:

Laura's entry:
Errol Flynnigan

Kyle said...

Puck (From sisters Grim books by Michael Buckle
Paul: Gargamel
Madaleine:The Jolly Green Giant

Katarina Whimsy said...