Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sgt. Snookums: Patrol Cat part 26

Only a few pages left for Sgt. Snookums. I hope you are enjoying it--I think you'll really like the ending.

Big book announcement: THE 12 BOTS OF CHRISTMAS is officially out today!

Take note early-bird shoppers! Order it online, or ask your local bookstore to order it. And if you like it, please make sure to leave a nice review for it on your web-shopping site of choice. I'll be posting a lot more Robo-Christmas material when we reach December--make sure to get a copy so you can play along at home.


Leea said...

Just ordered mine! So excited. And I love the look on the cats face in this one.

Colton said...

This is really good - probably one of my favorites :)