Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sgt. Snookums: Patrol Cat part 12

And now back to the most interrupted story of all time--Sgt. Snookums! Thanks for hanging in there!

Speaking of interrupted schedules, there are a few CALAMITY JACK icon/avatars that somehow managed to slip through the cracks! Sorry about that! If you are one of the patient folks who I missed, just give me a little more time, I'll have those out soon!


Chris said...

I've heard this urban legend several times. And the sad part? I believed it the first two times I heard it.

Nathan said...

But did you hear it with TALKING CATS in it? That's the real twist.

Stuart said...

Did you really see Sgt. Snookums driving a car on your way? Oh if you did dis you get his autograph! . . . :)