Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sgt. Snookums: Patrol Cat part 22


davem said...

Haha! Not #3!!

DaNae said...

When I see the smugglers, I keep flashing on those creepy creatues who Terroized Luke and his family on Tatooine. (Just enough of a nerd to know the name of the planet, but not dedicated enough to know the name for the creepy bright-eyed bandits.)

Cat's are easy to love. Go Q-tip!

Nathan said...

Tusken Raiders!

Well, or Jawas--they had the hoods and glowing eyes, but the Tusken Raiders had the tubular eye sockets.

That's right, I'm only commenting on Star Wars comments (original trilogy ONLY. PLEASE!)

Sorry for the absence here in the comments section--I'm HALFWAY through my big secret project's sketch version. So the few spare minutes I have go into the blog cartoon. I do love reading all of the comments here, and try to respond to all of them--I'll get back to doing that soon.

Phew, back to today's sketches!