Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ghost Mysteries

A few months ago I did a bunch of spooky illustrations for a book called Ghost Mysteries: Unraveling the World's Most Mysterious Hauntings. To my surprise, it's now listed on Amazon, although it doesn't come out until August. It usually takes a lot longer for a book to appear--Jack probably won't pop up for months and months.

When I do illustrations for non-fiction books, I get really caught up in the research. This book had so many interesting stories, I may have spent as much time reading articles online as I did drawing the pictures. 

Here's a sample.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll have to look into that... Later in the year. I dout any reviews are listed yet. doing research on books before you buy is the best way to go. (I've bought some impleasant books by not doing so.) Who knows? It might be sis's next Christmas present!
~Kiera and sis