Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm now painting the cover for Calamity Jack. It should be finished tomorrow, and while I can't show you what the final cover will look like, I can show you some cover concepts that weren't chosen.

These are all quick color sketches. This is the only one that actually had the title sketched in.

The theme is fairly similar, Jack, Rapunzel, a guy with goggles and a flying green dress in a snowy, crumbling city-scape.

This pose is really goofy, but I like the perspective on the buildings below.

This one's a little different, just showing Jack and a random dwarf character on some kind of train-track contraption.

What do you think? Any favorites?


Erin said...

I really like the second-to-last one.

Laura said...

I like the Charlie's-Angels-esque cover.

I hope the chosen one lends itself well to pumpkin carving. All of these would be tough.

Anonymous said...

The second one down is cool....
Hey, is that a fairy in the last one? (I know, it most likly is a spoiler...)
Oooohhh! This is the year of great-awsome books! I can't wait!!!!!

Quinn said...

I like the second one and the last one; seeing all four characters together and bits of the city make it more interesting. And I'm intrigued about the goggles guy and the little green fairy. Looks awesome.

Nathan said...

I don't know what fairy you guys are talking about. In my notes I said there was a "Flying green dress." I see that, but a fairy? What fairy?

edith said...

Wow, the mood comes through so well! That looks different from the Old West of the last one. I'm thinking Gotham, Sherlock Holmes, Gargoyles, etc. Fun!
Every time I see the Space Station Nathan flag flying (S.S.N) I think I can click on it and get your social security number.

prashanth said...

Hi Nathan,

Is that Rapunzel's braid ..I thought that it was cut off in 'Rapunzels revenge'

Regards Prashanth

Mickey said...

I love the second one down!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE THAT BOOK! my favorite picture is the second one, Ilike how the fairy,(Prudence, right?) is in it!