Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The ugliest LEGO set this year...maybe ever.

The Epic Wig Post should be up later today, I'm still waiting on a few pieces of knitting information.

In the mean time, I thought I'd drop my first LEGO related post. LEGO is a big deal at the space station. Anyway, get a load of this:
What IS it? A trash can with a wing on the side?

I remember hearing once that one of the model makers for Return of the Jedi glued some junk on his shoe and flew it through the background of one of the space battle scenes. I'm guessing that this is a tribute to that urban legend. A shoe with junk glued on it.  Horrible. HORRIBLE. 

Apparently this is from the latest Star Wars fillum. Now I'm a fan of Star Wars LEGO. The prequels were awful movies, but they did provide some pretty neat-o spaceships (I'm looking at you Naboo Starfighter.) 

This set is called "The Twilight." What? Twilight? Is it full of vampires and chubby goth kids? The real crusher is that this is a $100 set. 

There was a time when a hundred dollars in LEGO looked like this:

Ohhhh yeah.


ueberhund said...

Surely that has been put together wrong. It's not . . . anything. It's not even a shoe with crap glued to it. It's . . . nothing. Seriously, what is it supposed to do? For a hundred smackers, it had better be able to rotate the tires on my car!

Nerd Goddess said...

Aw, I remember those good ol' space station Legos. Not to mention the sweet Medieval ones with spiffeh wizards with beards and glow-in-the-dark wand goodness.

jw said...

I think that set might achieve a PhD in Horribleness.

Nathan said...

No joke. That is one ugly set. $100 should get you a nice baseplate, maybe a big, cool window (or three) and some kinda motor. And a whole bunch of little guys.

I don't see any of those things here.

That's not to say that LEGO isn't making some pretty sweet $100 sets today. (King's Castle, Agents Volcano Base, Coast Guard--and those are all sub $100) I think the case here is that 70 of those 100 dollars is going into George Lucas' liscensing money bin. What a shame.

But hey--the big news this week was supposed to be the TODAY SHOW Rapunzel blow out! And here I am talking LEGO!

Anonymous said...

I guess it is kind of ugly but Gus got this set for christmas this year and I have to admit I really like it. Although very grey and bulky looking it has two really cool doors and the wing has an interesting way of splitting into two pieces. Plus you get Asoka, Anikin, and Rota (all spelled wrong I am sure). Gus loves it. I know it isn't your favorite, but honestly the kids that love the star wars clone wars movie love this thing out here in MA....(weirdos maybe) Tadd