Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Epic Wig Post

This is the week of the wig!

Mindy (Rapunzel letterer, and my wife) spent many, many hours on the wig. I think it looks FANTASTIC! A better representation of Rapunzel's hair than an actual realistic wig. It really captures the illustrated hair look. Here it is in action:

The wig is now on it's way to NYC (Shannon, you better be wearing it on the plane! Or better yet, Dean!) The wig will appear on the TODAY SHOW this friday (Sept. 12, NBC) on Al Roker's Book of the Month segment.

We are crossing our fingers and toes that Al himself will wear the wig. Making it the MOST FAMOUS WIG IN NORTH AMERICA for at least a few hours. Who doesn't want to see Rokerpunzel? I want me some Rokerpunzel!

If you'd like to try making your own Rapunzel wig, Mindy say's the pattern is loosely based on the Hallowig by Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Rapunzel!

This wig is seriously hard core wicked awesome.

Enna Isilee said...

That's pretty much AMAZING.

Julie said...

Mindy you've got it goin' on! Seriously.
Rock On!

Sharyn said...

Hey, I know you! ;) (My sister Dianne and I were friends with Mindy.) I love seeing this pic of Mindy and that awesome Rapunzel hair she made. It's amazing to see your blog and get a glimpse of yours and Mindy's lives. I don't think I've seen you two since your wedding!

Nathan said...

Hey Sharyn! I remember you and Dianne. I have this memory of all of us sleeping over in a psychiatrist's office watching Twin Peaks--is that a real memory?

BeanMama said...

I would love love love any notes on how Mindy modified the Hallowig to make this amazing creation! My daughter loves the books and wants a wig - I was trying to figure out how to modify Hallowig as well, but if I could get some hints on the braid and the lovely detail at the front, I would be super relieved, as I am a competent but not a terribly creative knitter. :) Ravelry = beanmama. Real life = Margo in Oregon.