Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last year this week

So last year I took a trip through the Grand Canyon. I brought my little watercolor kit. The image above is Havasu canyon. A canyon that had to be evacuated two days ago because of major flashflooding. I'm sure the water there now is not the pretty aqua color in my painting, probably more like chocolate milk--dark chocolate milk.

My sister and her husband are full-time river guides in the Grand. They spend half of their year river guiding, and the other half as ski instructors at Sundance. Losers, I know. You can see see their river blog here. 

I went as a "Swampy," someone who packs and unpacks the boat, and hauls the chemical toilet around. I was a terrible "Swampy," I spent all my time doing watercolors.


Erin said...

Those are lovely...I especially like the second one.

Nathan said...

Thanks Miss Erin, did you see your mention on the Fuse #8 blog today? Very nice!

Erin said...

Oh, I hadn't seen that! Yay! Thanks for pointing it out :)

Laura Z M said...

Hey, Swampy! Next time we meet, remind me to tell you about breaking an oar in Lava Falls. Or going left at Bedrock (accidentally, of course).

Love the watercolors!

Julie Olson said...

what did they expect from an artist??